MiCellF One. Automate your SelfCare

Enjoy the unique wearable PEMF-device and support your body 24/7 for better sleep, higher energy levels, improved mental focus, as well as reduced stress and chronic pain levels. The device is safe; it can be personalised, and it receives excellent reviews from home and abroad. 

24/7 Support

Primal force in hightech neckless

Including Schumann frequency

Actually, you should not need it...

But you do. Today, our society strains the body as well as the mind with noises and all kinds of stimuli and pollution. Meanwhile you do everything you can to stay healthy and happy. You practice yoga, take regular walks in nature, exercise, meditate and try to be connected with yourself and others as much as possible.


These moments of recharging need a lot of effort. And time that is already scarce. Wouldn´t you like to add a valuable extra to your life? Something that makes self-care easier and that fits into your schedule all the time? 


Such an extra exists: MiCellF One – a unique wearable PEMF-device. Get automated support for your biorhythms and energy levels, 24/7 and personalised. 

The primordial frequencies are widely acclaimed:

I am an osteopath, and my MiCellF helps me to tune in to myself more quickly. It strengthens my own field in a way that I can connect myself with my clients completely from within me.
For 2 years I suffered from a tendonitis in my wrist, and I had already made the appointment for surgery. After 3 months of using the Ease program, surgery was no longer necessary.
Lies de Groot

Help yourself deal better with vague complaints and chronic pain

Works 24/7

Works 24/7 on your biorhythms and complements with extra schemes such as sleep, grounding, relaxation or jetlag.


Scans your body field, and thereafter, your personalised frequency elements are added to the automated programs. 


Works for 3 weeks without charging and can be expanded with even more schemes and new frequencies.

MiCellF One explained in 2 minutes